It's rare that you come across a professional coach like Wan

Landed Dream Job in 20 Days

Shuv C.

It's rare that you come across a professional coach like Wan. He is an outstanding coach for Project/Program Managers with rich Program Management experience. His coaching style is innovative, well organized, and insightful. His interactions are focused on the core principle of believing in one's strengths and harnessing them to newer heights. I have travelled an insightful and impactful journey through his guidance.

Enroll in a proven coaching program that has helped many project professionals advance their careers and get their dream jobs

Learn how to:

  • Access your inner guide to chart your long-term career roadmap

  • Explore your dream job and whether you have the skills and experience for it

  • Discover your superpowers and sweet spot where it’s hard for others to compete against you

  • Build your authentic personal brand and stand out from the crowd

  • Promote your brand to recruiters and expand your network

  • Fine-tune your resume to get interviews

  • Ace your interview to get job offers

Wan listens to your story and then helps to craft your unique selling point based on all your skills

Increased Salary by 88%

Mateko A.

I reached out to Wan at a time when I was looking to make progress in my career as a Project Manager in the digital marketing space. We had an initial conversation that held my interest and that started my coaching with him. Wan is very relatable. He listens to your story and then helps to craft your unique selling point based on all your skills. Over the course of my interactions with him, he shared valuable insights and approaches to help me achieve my goal.

From "no experience" to new job in 33 days

Mehdi G.

Working with Wan was a transition point in my career. It was with his coaching that I could identify my core values and strengths, which helped me to have my presentable personal brand. Being authentically myself, I was no longer labeled with not having Canadian experience and that led to my new position in 33 days.

Successful students have

  • Established themselves in their first permanent, full-time job

  • Launched their project management career

  • Transitioned from one industry to another

  • Pivoted from permanent full-time employees to highly paid consultants

Wan uses unique approaches when coaching you through interviews and negotiations

Landed Dream Job in 30 Days

Lara C.

Wan helped me land a dream job within 30 days of coaching. He is knowledgeable, informational, and patient. He uses unique approaches when coaching you through interviews and negotiations. At the same time, he inspires you to think bigger and deeper about your career development. He is calm and understanding the whole time, just like a friend with wisdom and experience. I think it is important because it makes you feel trusting and open to discuss any personal concerns. I benefited greatly from his coaching and would love to recommend him to people who want a leap in their careers.

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Access Your Inner Guide to Chart Your Career Roadmap

Where would I be today if I hired Wan a year earlier?

Landed Dream Job in 28 Days

Rajeev V.

Upon completion of Wan's program, I was immediately greeted by the thought of 'Where would I be today if I hired him a year earlier?' The beauty of his program is not only how everything is tied together, but by the fact he makes real recommendations from what he learns about you. The interviews are so natural and it doesn't even feel like he is gathering information to help you! Wan is a great coach who does truly care about his clients. The tools he creates with you and the content is designed to give you the upper hand. The only thing I regret is not hiring Wan sooner!

5 Modules of Video Training

  • With Self-Paced Assignments

    Students spend 1 to 3 hours to go through each video training module and work on their assignments. These assignments provide input for the one-on-one coaching sessions. If you have a job, it typically takes one week to get through one module. If not, you can double the pace. The more you put into your assignments, the more value you will get out of your coaching session.

Wan coaches from the heart; he helps you be in tune with your best self

Aligned Personal and Corporate Values in a New Role

Matilda D.

Wan has an amiable personality and coaches from the heart. He helps you to be in tune with your best self in the most unassuming way. Wan is very dedicated to coaching. He respectfully corrects you when necessary. In challenging times and moments of despair, Wan is there to motivate you, guide you to see the positivity in the situation and then urge you to focus on your strengths to discover your 'sweet spot'. The point where you are most competitive. The point that will set you soaring to reach your highest heights. In addition to being a great coach, Wan is a mentor and leader who brings out the gem in you. He is certainly one of the finest coaches. Few as they are and far between.

6 one-on-one coaching sessions

  • Personalized based on input from your assignments

    I give you feedback from evaluating many project professionals to show you where you need to improve or not. You will also discover your overlapping areas of strength, your sweet spot, where it's very hard for others to compete against you. This is your authentic and unique selling point.

Wan helped me understand and work through my career values to a depth I haven't explored yet

Adam B.

Wan helped me understand and work through my career values to a depth I haven't explored yet. I thought I was going into our sessions with a good understanding of resumes, cover letters, marketing and brand, but Wan helped me build a strong foundation based on my genuine personality and strengths. We did not focus on the things I 'thought' I should include, but a very true and honest representation of the value I bring to others around me. I was especially impressed by how prepared Wan was for every session. He was able to pull information into our sessions that I had not remembered and helped make connections between my past experiences that were not obvious to me. Having worked with Wan, I feel more connected to the essence of who I am and have developed a confidence to pursue much loftier aspirations than I had thought possible prior to working with Wan.

Review and Fine-Tune Your Resume

  • Get past the AI machine

    Learn how to get your resume past the initial AI machine so that it is read by a human. Review and fine-tune your resume so that it generates interviews.

Wan understands clients' perspective and helps them get to the desired state by a set of small attainable steps

Abhijit P., PhD, PMP

The program that Wan offers is incredibly unique. During the first session itself, I realized where my real strengths are who are the people and organizations that need the set of skills that I have. Further into the program, I learned the networking strategies that actually worked. He also provided unique tools and many strategies particular to the field of Project Management that are not found elsewhere. Wan understands clients’ perspective and helps them get to the desired state by a set of small attainable steps. So, they feel confident. His contents also cover the aspects of emotional intelligence required during the work as a PM and while looking for a job. If you are ready to learn new and unexplored ways of networking, ready to do some work on yourself and find out your unique, employable set of skills, I strongly recommend Wan’s coaching service.

Interview Prep Sessions

  • Until You Get Your Job

    When you get called for an interview, schedule an interview prep session so that you can be fully prepared for the interview.

Wan's coaching made the interview for my new role go very smoothly

I would not be in my current role without Wan's support

Len W.

I would like to recommend Wan for coaching. I needed a career change and Wan coached my transition... I would not be in my current role without Wan’s support. Wan’s coaching made the interview for my new role go very smoothly as all the answers to the interview questions had already been discussed and the answers were exactly what was required. I would not be in my current role without Wan's support.

Bonus material

Time and rest management are essential skills to help you deliver results and keep performing well in the long run.

  • Master 4D Time Management

    Once you start adding value in your new project management role, chances are you will be in high demand and as a result will become very busy. This bonus time management module will introduce you to a simple yet effective method to delete, defer, delegate, and do the many requests that come your way. Follow the daily tips for 21 days to turn this skill into a habit.

  • Rest Well to Work Well

    Effective project managers deliver results; results attract work. This means an increasing amount of work is assigned to you which could lead to dissatisfaction or worse, burnout. It is counter-intuitive to take time to rest, instead of working harder, to perform well in the long run. This module helps you build healthy work-life balance habits over the course of 4 weeks with daily tips every weekday.

Wan is an ace card to help you attain success in your PM career

Launched Project Management Career

Stephanie O.

Wan is like an anchor when it comes to project management mentorship and guidance. He is an ace card to help you attain success in your project management career. He is very patient and understanding; he gives you the required space and time to learn whilst being professional at his job. He is still a major support to me and I would recommend his services any day.

Career Coach

Career and Project Management Coach

Wan How

Wan How is a career and project management coach specializing in helping project professionals advance their careers. In his project management career, Wan successfully rescued many troubled projects. These included turning around projects headed for failure within 30 days and compressing project timelines by half to deliver benefits in one year instead of two. Wan has over twenty years of project management experience in traditional, agile and hybrid approaches. As the leader of a Project Management Office, he led a team of project managers and business analysts to deliver corporate projects tied to the organization's business plan and strategic objectives. He has worked in the information technology, government, higher education, oil and gas, and engineering sectors. Wan is a graduate of Cambridge University. His areas of expertise include project management, IT management and facilitation. In addition to the PMP, Wan is an Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP). He has also attained the Certified Professional Facilitator with the International Association of Facilitators.